Saturday, April 16, 2011

St Mary, Piddlehinton, Dorset

Suitably refreshed with a sandwich and a taster of St Austell Tribute (yum! - although Marion needed her lemon and lime to cool down her mouth after a fiery mustard was liberally spread in her sandwich!) the onward flow of the Piddle took us to Piddlehinton.
The tower is bulky and sits unusually in the south transeptal position. It obviously echoes its fancier neighbour to the north, but sqatter and with less pinnacles (only seven). Marion, intrigued by a notice in the porch set off to see the grave of a nurse who served at the Battle of Waterloo and received a pension from the army. Nowhere as famous as Florence Nightingale and you wonder why. However Marion used her own sense of direction and hunted high and low on the wrong side of the church, bless.
Inside not a great deal to see but another handsome spacious church although the south side is more irregular because of the tower. The chancel has a plaster vault recalling Trent church north of Sherborne, although it seems the vault here is earlier so maybe inspiring rather than recalling. Apologies for the poor picture of the brass to Boy George in the chancel. It is him surely?

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