Wednesday, June 08, 2011

All Saints, Ballidon, Derbyshire

In a field above the road. It is approached through a stile and following a short uphill path. The churchyard was unkempt and a notice was attached to the padlocked outer porch door "Dangerous Structure". I went in the porch but the church door itself was locked tight. Another notice says that the Lord Bishop of Derby is seeking the church's redundancy at a hearing on the 13th June 2011. It seems the congregation has abandoned it some time ago. Looking through a broken pane into the chancel many of the fittings are covered up and the organ have been stripped out already. The north side of the church has no windows and the churchyard had several feet of undergrowth. I risked pointing the camera through the nave west window for an interior - and the result is shown. The font is apparently  Perp. The church is Norman in origin but the doorway and chancel arch have been completely retooled. As i sat on the churchyard wall I was aware of being watched. A pair of beady eyes and wind-ruffled feathers watched me intently, I suspect it thought it was hidden among the foliage! Perhaps a not so wise owl - smile please!

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